the largest association of technical founders in the world

The H/F Co-op

Accelerator and Founders’ Cooperative

The Co-op is an accelerator run by Hackers/Founders, the largest network of entrepreneurs in the world with over 300,000 members in 60 countries. The accelerator is a tight-knit cooperative, where concierge services are provided in exchange for equity, and where founders help each other and elect each other to the program.

H/F Portfolio companies currently have a net worth of $600 million. The accelerator is based in San Jose, California.

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H/F Events

Held by the largest network of technology founders in the world

Looking for startup advice or to network with investors or fellow entrepreneurs?
Hackers/Founders members are the people to be seen with.
We are proud to host the largest technology & startup meetups and events around the globe, with 172 chapters in 60 countries. H/F global organizers host roughly 200 events a month.

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H/F Advocacy

Championing founder rights

Solving problems entrepreneurs face

Some of the areas we have worked with includeSOPA/PIPA, Net neutrality, Startup Visa, Patent Reform, JOBS Act, and crowdfunding regulation.

Hackers/Founders works with:

Government agencies, industry bodies, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in helping shape and formulate regulatory policy that favors startups and entrepreneurism.

The H/F Co-op

The acceleration program part of Hackers/Founders provides free or low-cost legal services for startups that attend the program.

H/F Education

Harnessing the wisdom of startup founders from all around the world

We are working on a knowledge base that provides tomorrow’s CTOs with all the information they need to start up on their own. We also host tech talk events, and share videos of founders talking about their experiences as part of H/F TV.

H/F Funds

An exclusive group of investors and entrepreneurs working together to change how startup funding gets done.

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