H/F Advisors

picture of Jennifer Arcuri

Jennifer Arcuri

Founder, Innotech Network

picture of Nisha Baxi

Nisha Baxi

Board, SV NewTech

picture of Charles Belle

Charles Belle

Founder, Startup Policy Lab

picture of Eric Benisek

Eric Benisek

Attorney at Vasquez Benisek & Lindgren LLP

picture of Will Bunker

Will Bunker

Partner at SVG Syndicate

picture of Shaherose  Charania

Shaherose Charania

CEO and Founder, Women 2.0

picture of Chandra Duggirala

Chandra Duggirala

Yesleo.com & San Mateo Medical Center

picture of Garrett Dunham

Garrett Dunham

Founder of Prebacked

picture of Mark Evans

Mark Evans

Managing Partner at BrandGarage

picture of Janice Fraser

Janice Fraser

Fomenter at Pivotal Labs

picture of Dave Gullo

Dave Gullo

Founder and CEO, Command Line Interactive

picture of Andreas Haugsnes

Andreas Haugsnes

Founder, Principal Security Consultant at Aeonware Corporation

picture of Burt Herman

Burt Herman

Founder Storify, Hacks / Hackers

picture of John Jefferson

John Jefferson

Executive Director for Statewide Constituency Relations, AT&T

picture of Samir Kaji

Samir Kaji

Managing Director First Republic Bank

picture of Erik Katz

Erik Katz

Executive Director, Co-Founder @ Maker Mart

picture of Tadaaki Kimura

Tadaaki Kimura

Founder and CEO, addlight Inc

picture of Jemie Sae Koo

Jemie Sae Koo

Advisor, Investor Relations

picture of Brett Lindsay Laffel

Brett Lindsay Laffel

Managing Global Program at Microsoft

picture of Emily Lam

Emily Lam

VP Federal Issues, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

picture of Hongyu Li

Hongyu Li

Founder, IC Cafe

picture of Jennie Luke

Jennie Luke

Founder, Command Line Interactive

picture of Telemachus Luu

Telemachus Luu

Co-founder / CTO, NephoScale

picture of Shalin Madan

Shalin Madan

Managing Director at SIM

picture of Justin Mares

Justin Mares

Co-author, Traction Book

picture of Erik Martin

Erik Martin

General Manger, Reddit.com

picture of Jesse Martinez

Jesse Martinez

Founder, Latino Startup Alliance

picture of Chris McCann

Chris McCann

Co-Founder, GroupTie & StartupDigest

picture of Deldelp Medina

Deldelp Medina

CEO, Avión Ventures

picture of Horacio Melo

Horacio Melo

Executive Director of Startup Chile

picture of Brad Miller

Brad Miller

Founder at Square6 Group

picture of Ariane Mohamadi

Ariane Mohamadi

Senior Fellow, Institute for Innovation Law

picture of Craig Montouri

Craig Montouri

Startup Community Advocate

picture of Jacob Mullins

Jacob Mullins

Founder, ExitRound

picture of Gustavo Netto

Gustavo Netto

Digital Business Strategist, GE Digital

picture of Leo Polovets

Leo Polovets

Partner at Susa Ventures + Software Engineer

picture of Ken Priore

Ken Priore

General Counsel, Grindr

picture of Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson

Organizer, Designers + Geeks

picture of Diane Schrader

Diane Schrader

Founder & CEO, THIRDact

picture of Nick Sullivan

Nick Sullivan

Founder, ChangeCoin & Mentor, 500 Startups

picture of Nnena Ukuku

Nnena Ukuku

Founder, Black Founders

picture of Dave Varvel

Dave Varvel

Founder, Tiny Cat Financial

picture of Ellenor Varvel

Ellenor Varvel

Founder, Tiny Cat Financial

picture of Dan Whaley

Dan Whaley

Founder Hypothes.is

picture of Gary Whitehill

Gary Whitehill

Founder of BURST & Dell EIR Global Board

picture of Warren Wilbee

Warren Wilbee

Director of Evangelism, Microsoft BizSpark

picture of Lisa Winter

Lisa Winter

Contributing Partner, Entrepreneur Circle

picture of Monique Woodard

Monique Woodard

Founder, Black Founders

picture of Jorge Zavala

Jorge Zavala

CEO, Kinnevo