H/F Research
Pioneering scientific research for scaling technology startups and ecosystems

H/F Research is H/F’s scientific research center.

We conduct and manage cutting edge applied scientific research that leverages the knowledge continuously amassed in H/F, the world’s largest network of technology founders, with well over 300.000 companies in 60+ countries.

Our scientific research specifically empowers tech companies. They can use it to make sound decisions based the most advanced scientific knowledge, maximizing success and reducing trial and error.

H/F Research has the ability to collect vast quantities of first hand data from our global network of specialized startups. We collect primary data from our companies and develop scientific models which is then disseminated:

- To our portfolio of companies.
- To technology companies at large and in any country.
- At the world’s leading scientific conferences in fields of technology and   marketing.
- In scientific journals.
- In scientific books.
- In non-academic media: online, magazines, press, radio, video and TV.
- Through academic and government keynote speeches.
- Through government and policy reports.

Our rigorous data sets can be collected over a range of technologies including cryptocurrencies, web, mobile, medical tech, financial tech, big data, artificial intelligence, hardware, Internet of Things (IoT).

This allows us to deliver in more than 80 countries innovative courses and seminars based on:
- The latest scientific advances.
- Existing scientific knowledge.
- Our vast global experience obtained with working over 300.000 tech   companies across 60 countries.

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