H/F Research Publications

A Web site engagement measurement for digital marketers

Hackers and Founders Research
In: Handbook of Research on Customer Engagement'. Edward Elgar Publishers, 2019.


eTips. Marketing mobile apps

Hackers and Founders Research / The Open University
In: Marketing in the 21st century. The Open University London, UK, 2019.


A research methodology for mapping the Latin American startup ecosystems and digital community components

Hackers and Founders Research / ESAN
53 CLADEA Scientific Conference, San Jose, Costa Rica. 2018.


Mapping the Latin American startup economy

Hackers and Founders Research / ESAN
XX AMS World Marketing Congress. University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2017.


Connecting Marketing Research and Marketing Practice in Digital Settings

Hackers and Founders Research
AMA, American Marketing Association Scientific Conference, Atlanta, USA, 2016.


Web site Engagement

Hackers and Founders Research
In: 'Customer Engagement: Contemporary Issues and Challenges'. November, 2015.


Assessment of a Web comparative behavioural model with an interdisciplinary and complexity approach

Hackers and Founders Research
Academy of Marketing Science Conference, Lima, Peru. August, 2014.


Why do digital marketers really need to work with engineers ?

Hackers and Founders Research
AEMARK. Spanish Marketing Academy Scientific Conference, September. 2014.


Engaging with Web sites in a highly-connected society

Hackers and Founders Research
Proceedings of Communication Technologies and Lifestyles meeting
Social Trends Institute / IESE Barcelona, May 2013


H/F Government Funded Research Projects

Measurement of the digital and technological Latin American Economy

Hackers and Founders Research
Promperu. Peru Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Lima, 2016


Tourism analysis and peer-to-peer accommodation platforms through user-generated content

Hackers and Founders Research, 2017
Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, 2018 [Grant id.: TURCOLAB ECO2017-88984-R].

Promotion of research collaboration with international research professors

Hackers and Founders Research
University of Lleida, Spain, 2017.


Keynote speech on Technology Marketing Honducamp.tech

ICHIETI Instituto Hondureña de Ciencia, Tecnología y la Innovación
Gobierno de la República de Honduras, Tegucigalpa, 2019


Keynote speech on the application of technology marketing research to Science-based startups

IRSPAS 2019. International Research Symposium on Pure and Applied Sciences.
University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 2019


Commercialisation of Sri Lankan science-based projects, products and services

National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2019


H/F Research Seminars and Courses

Marketing specifics in technology

Hackers and Founders Research / University of Vilnius
University of Vilnius, Lithuania, 2018


Applied research and global tech entrepreneurship

University of Lleida, Spain, 2017


Technology marketing

Hackers and Founders Research / ESAN
ESAN International Week, July 2017


Big data for marketers

Hackers and Founders Research / ESAN
ESAN International Week, July 2017


Digital entrepreneurship in Peru

Hackers and Founders Research / ESAN
Semana Internacional ESAN, 2017


H/F Research Post it Party

Hackers and Founders Berlin
Berlin, Germany, 2017

Hackers and Founders Research

Hackers and Founders Maracay
Maracay, Venezuela, 2017

The role of information and communication technologies in services marketing. A global perspective.

Hackers and Founders Research / ESAN
Hotel Intercontinental Lima. ESAN Graduate School of Business. June, 2016

Digital marketing - strategies and techniques

Hackers and Founders Research / ESAN
Semana Internacional ESAN, July 2017


Consumer behaviour in tech

Hackers and Founders Research / TBS Barcelona
International MBA. Barcelona, 2016


Big Data Research

Hackers and Founders Research / ESCP Europe
European Masters of Digital Marketing. Madrid, Spain, 2016


Information and communication technologies in services marketing. A global perspective.

Hackers and Founders Research / University of Valencia
International MBA. Valencia, Spain, 2015

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